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Our modern lifestyle demands a great deal from our body - but also from our skin! Our day-to-day life is often hectic, and both environmental stresses and increased UV radiation overtax our natural cell cleansing system. The result is increased degradation products in the cells - these often cause us to appear tired, pale and lifeless. Irrespective of age, our skin is lacking in freshness and radiance, it ages prematurely and allows age spots to become visible.

JANSSEN COSMETICS has developed a special care product with detoxification effect. The new Trend Edition DETOX! Based on a scientifically founded concept, this innovative care formula enables us to support the skin cells' detoxification process and therefore slow down visible skin aging. Age spots appear less visible and the skin's youthful radiance is retained. In a manner of speaking, the skin takes on new vitality, which is reflected in a fresh and healthy appearance. The new Trend Edition DETOX incorporates two innovative formulations: the new care cream, DETOX Cream, and the new care lotion, DETOX Formula.

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  1. Detox Cream

    Detox Cream

    Cream for a vital and revived skin profile

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